I’m a local Nashville artist whose work is inspired by Music City, USA! My husband Mark is a singer/songwriter, who keeps me immersed in Nashville’s energetic vibe. Most of my acrylics are regional in nature, but I also enjoy painting artwork that represents other parts of the country.

My creative process is simple: I paint an inspiration on canvas, digitally scan it, and then transfer it onto what we like to call, “functional art”. My husband and I strive for excellence to create unique and quality products that are simple, classy and understated. People often say, “Your artwork is so Nash!” hence,

SoNASH-Helen’s Pop Art! SoNASH merchandise is sold year round at the Nashville Farmers’ Market, one of middle Tennessee’s most popular destinations. In addition, our presence at the major local festivals and shows is maintained, Follow SoNASH-Helen’s Pop Art on FB and Instagram to keep up with our week to week schedule.

Enjoy browsing through our variety of merchandise online. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.